Qualifications and Term:

  • Must be a student at Henry M. Jackson High School for the current school year
  • Must be a member of Henry M. Jackson High PTSA for the current school year (scholarships available upon request)
  • Appointed by the PTSA president for a term of one-year (may serve multiple one-year terms)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a connection between the student population and the PTSA of Henry M. Jackson High School by:
    • sharing ASB and club programs and events updates with the PTSA
    • sharing PTSA updates with congress (as allowed)
  • Be a student voice to:
    • share student interests and concerns
    • help develop and implement programs and events that are relevant to the student body
    • bring new ideas and perspective to PTSA programs and events
  • Promote student membership in the PTSA
  • Attend PTSA membership meetings
  • Attend Jackson High School Congress meetings
  • May be invited to attend PTSA board meetings at the request of the president (if available)
  • Assist with PTSA events (if available)
  • May be a delegate to the Washington State PTA convention or legislative assembly (as requested by the president)
  • May be asked to speak at school board or other events when student input is needed (as requested by the president)

Student Representative Benefits:

  • Leadership role to list on job applications, college applications, and scholarship applications
  • Receive service hours (as approved by JHS administration)
  • Student representatives may request a letter of recommendation from the PTSA president to use for college and scholarship applications
  • Gain leadership and communication skills
  • Introduction to the legislative process and the importance of advocacy

The Jackson Associated Student Body (ASB) is a great way to get involved and make a difference at school! There are a variety of positions available and elections are run each spring for the next school year or in the fall for the freshman class. Get involved today! More ASB info. can be found on the Jackson High School ASB page, www.everettsd.org/domain/46.

Get connected! Jackson clubs are a great way for students to connect with other students with similar interests. Don't see anything that is of interest to you? Start a new club! More information regarding Jackson clubs can be found on the Jackson High School Club page, www.everettsd.org/Page/38057.

JHS PTSA is happy to offer grant opportunities to the School Clubs of Jackson High School.

To apply for a School Club grant, complete the 2021-2022 Student Club Grant Application and return them to the PTSA mailbox. The deadline for School Club grant submissions is Friday, December 10th.

All applications will be reviewed by the PTSA Board of Directors. All applicants will be notified of the results. Those receiving grants will work through the Jackson High School Office Manager to access granted funds.

Please keep the following in mind when applying for a Jackson High School PTSA School Club Grant:

1. Requests for consumable/supplies (paper, ink, pens, food, etc.) are not eligible for a grant except in special circumstances.
2. Conference attendance and trips are excluded.
3. All School Club grant applications are reviewed by the building administration prior to review by the PTSA.
4. Granted funds need to be spent by April 1, 2022. If you are unable to use your funds by the deadline please contact the PTSA president to discuss an extension.
5. JHS PTSA is not responsible for upkeep of any equipment granted.
6. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Please attach a complete proposal describing your request. Be sure to include the following items in your proposal:

1. How many students will this grant benefit, this current year and in future years?
2. What is the total amount you are requesting including all taxes, shipping and handling, installation, service fees, etc.? (Attach an invoice, quote or vendor back-up with request showing total amount)
3. Completed Purchase Order.
4. How does this request benefit the School Club?
5. Any additional information you feel the board should know when considering this request.
6. Clarification and/or follow-up answers to PTSA must be provided by the applicant within 48 hours or the application will not be considered.
7. Incomplete forms or forms without complete cost back-up will not be considered.
8. Forms can be submitted as hard copy or sent electronically to Sukawt to get Mr. Balla’s approval JHS PTSA 2021-22 School Club.

If you have any questions, please contact our President at moc.l1664234299iamg@1664234299tnedi1664234299serPA1664234299STPSH1664234299J1664234299

2021-2022 Student Club Grant Application