Staff and Classroom Grants

Grants are an important reason why we fundraise. Each year, if funding is available, Jackson staff members are given the opportunity to apply for a grant. All grants are reviewed by the PTSA Board of Directors and either funded, partiality funded or denied depending on request and funds available.

To apply for a grant, complete our grant application and purchase order request forms and return them to the PTSA mailbox in the Jackson office or email them to the PTSA President, moc.l1721057453iamg@1721057453tnedi1721057453serpa1721057453stpsh1721057453j1721057453.

The Jackson PTSA grant program is meant to support student, staff and classroom needs. The grant application documents below should be completed and attached to your proposal. Those receiving grants will work through the Jackson High School Office Manager to access granted funds.

Please keep the following in mind when applying for a Jackson PTSA grant:

  1. The focus of our granting program is academic enrichment.
  2. Requests for consumable/supplies (paper, ink, pens, food, etc.) are not eligible for a grant except in special circumstances.
  3. Conference attendance and field trips are excluded.
  4. All grant applications are reviewed by the building administration prior to review by the PTSA.
  5. Granted funds need to be spent by April 1st. If you are unable to use your funds by the deadline please contact the PTSA president to discuss an extension.
  6. The PTSA does not accept applications from school clubs or booster groups.
  7. JHS PTSA is not responsible for upkeep of any equipment granted.
  8. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Please attach a complete proposal describing your request with your application and purchase order request. Include the following items in your proposal:

  1. How many students will this grant benefit, this year and in future years?
  2. What is the total amount you are requesting including all taxes, shipping and handling, installation, service fees, etc...? Attach an invoice or quote with request showing total amount.
  3. Completed purchase order request.
  4. Please explain the sustainability of your request.
  5. How does this request enrich student learning or show innovation for the classroom?
  6. Any additional information you feel the board should know when considering this request.
  7. Clarification and/or follow-up answers to PTSA must be provided by applicant within 48 hours or the application will not be considered.
  8. Incomplete forms or forms without complete cost back-up will not be considered.